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Your Powerful Trade Journal

” Show me a trader with good records and I’ll show you a good trader. ” – Dr. Alexander Elder

Whether you trade stocks, futures or forex, logging your trades with screenshots and trade notes has never been easier. Create a trade plan you can follow, save time and money and stop using MS Excel or programs that don’t work!

Reports You Want


What if you had one single system to run all the reports you would need for your trading business?

Fund managers and fund companies have sophisticated reporting capabilities. Now you too can have access to powerful performance and analysis reports, client reports, trade reports and even accounting reports to manage everything from your trading success to your business costs.

Look Like A Billion Dollar Fund


Customize your reports with your own logo and compare your trading to the benchmarks of your choice!

You will now have the ability to insert your own logo on your reports, compare yourself to the benchmarks of your choice, and even insert your own summary into your performance and marketing reports. Create your customized reports and send them off to your clients and potential clients with a few simple clicks!

Market Your Trading Abilites

Do you want to be able to market yourself as a trader to potential clients and/or trading firms?

With JournalSqrd, now every trader will have the ability to look and act like a professional. Designed to allow each and every trader to publish trading results with beautiful reports through social media or email campaigns. See how JournalSqrd can help you grow your contact list simply and effectively.

Tools You Need

Designed to be the tool every trader needs to improve trading performance.

You will now be able to learn from each trade, run the analysis you want, track your best performing areas and see where you are missing opportunities. Do you really know what’s working for you? Do you know your true costs of trading? What about your true costs including non-trading expenses? Now you can!

Insert screenshots and notes, make changes and recall history quickly and easily

Designed by professional firms, select and print the reports you need

No other product is as simple and effective to use


Your payment and trading information will always be safe and secure


Designed by traders who want a simple but powerful system to use


No need to spend thousands of dollars on a system normally reserved for firms


Everything you need to manage yourself and business in a few clicks


Statements designed by hedge funds now accessible to every trader


Start improving your trading and running your business more effectively today


Always top rated customer service so we can help you become a great trader

Guided Setup

We are always available to help you get started

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100% secure plans for traders of all levels. Journal Plus and Personal plans give you more reporting and customization options.

Journal Plus

Step up your game, with more trades, more storage, more reporting!

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Journal Features

  • Best Trade Journal
  • Complete Trade Report
  • Number of Trades per Month 30
  • Storage for your trade screenshots 1GB
  • Stocks, Bonds, Futures, Forex, Options
  • More than 100 Analytics
  • Performance Charts & Graphs

Reporting and business management features to manage your trading business.

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Discounts for annual payment plans

Account Features

  • Best Trade Journal
  • Customized Analytics Report
  • Number of Trades per Month UNLIMITED
  • Storage for your trade screenshots 5GB
  • Complete Trade Report
  • Multiple Independent Accounts
  • Account Balance Tracking
  • Track All Business Expenses

Fully-customizable analytics, fact-sheets, marketing and performance reports.

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Discounts for annual payment plans

Account Features

  • Benchmark Comparison
  • White Label Branding
  • Fund Fact Sheet
  • Marketing Report
  • Performance and Analytics Report
  • Upgraded Fund Analytics
  • Customized Report Design
  • Direct Broker Integration
    (conditions apply)
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